Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our plans for next summer

For 2 weeks Matthew interviewed at firms in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, DC, and LA This is where I get to brag. After being interviewed at the 13 different firms he received an internship offer from all 13. That's around %100-ish.

After narrowing our selection down to a firm in Chicago, one in DC and one in Houston we spent many weeks listing the pros and cons of each location and firm. Matthew leaned towards the Houston and Chicago firms while I leaned towards DC as a place.

The Houston firm learned of our debacle and offered a "split" which we accepted. Next summer we will be driving to Houston to work for Latham & Watkins for 6 weeks and then we will drive to DC to work in their DC office for 4 weeks. COMPROMISE! 

So, now that you all know what our plan is for next summer I will show you what Lana and I did for those 2 weeks Matthew was gone.

Grandma and Grandpa Stice flew us home!

Lana met Uncle Paul for the first time

 And loved sleeping in his arms


Kara met Lana for the first time. . . and broke her

And it was the 2 best weeks of this girl's life (and mine).

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  1. I'm officially going to be the last person to see that sweet girl