Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Girl Ultrasound

Thanks to the Stice women measuring small we got to have an ultrasound today to see Baby Girl. Here are only a few of the awesome things about her:
  • She is approximately 6.5 lbs (perfect)
  • She has a big noggin. I mean BIG.
  • She has hair
  • She has ginormous lips!
  • And when she is not sucking her thumb she is licking something whether it be her hand, arm or the placenta. yum.

36 weeks
(All you can see here is her thumb sucking little hand, her nose and her big lips)

20 weeks

14 weeks

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Gilchrist Boys

The only camera shot of my 2 1/2 week visit

Our visit last August: 

Can't remember the person: "Hayden, your hair looks like a mohawk. Do you know what a mohawk is?"
Neil Hayden: "Yup, it lives in the ground."

Gavin would only respond with a long winded "uh-huh" and Matthew and I have used it everyday since

This visit: 

 Eric say "fraawww" when he gets in on whatever action is going on. And again, for some reason Matthew and I have used it everyday since.

Gavin looks like Sean Astin (He really does)

Ender knows all there is to know about planets and dinosaurs

Hayden was playing hockey with Ender and every time he hit the ball into Ender's goal he would laugh and call him Justin Bieber (Appropriate for an insult, but where the heck did he learn that?)

 (cellphone shots)
 Gavin and I showing Matthew how tiny newborn diapers are
 (Matthew had to go back to school after the 1st week)

 Crys with her five boys 20 minutes after getting home from the hospital

 Ryker Jace

March 17th @ 31 Weeks

To Ash: The most recent belly shot I have is 4 weeks old
(I look pretty much the same, but feel more like a whale)

Chicago River on St. Patty's Day