Monday, August 20, 2012


Lana and I had the greatest vacation of the summer when we went to Utah for a week to visit family. We learned a couple things while there. 

-Mountains are still the most beautiful things in whole world.
- Dry Utah heat feels soooo good!
and. . .

Caden says he winks.

Avery is ALWAYS hungry.

Lana is loved.

Only sometimes did she fear for her life.

And we love and miss our family in Utah.

Lana doing some networking with the big men on campus.

Jessica and her 6 day old Audry Kay.

"Hey Haves, Jax. Let me get a picture of you two."

Ain't no party like a CC party!

 This woman turned 17. . . 


So, naturally, this happened.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Lana laughs now. Really laughs. She has to be in the mood, but she can laugh and it is adorable.
She also coos like crazy, these last two days, nonstop. This girl just talks and talks and talks the whole time she is awake. Definitely her daddy's girl.

We attached the toys to her bouncer the other day and she loves it. As you can see, she holds onto the sides and then kicks and bounces around like crazy. After about 5 minutes of this she starts crying though because the animals never come any closer and it ticks her off.
 She is just starting to like toys, but can't reach out and pick them up yet. So her cow, Chicco (his name is on his bum), just lays in her lamp and sometimes her hand accidentally grabs him.

One time it wasn't hot and it wasn't cold so Lana and I went to the lake for all of about 4 minutes. Lana had to stay in her carseat because it was the only thing blocking her from the deathly wind. It got boring. We left.

The morning after Lana and I got back from Utah we drove to Iowa for the weekend to visit Mark, Tiff, the kiddos and grandma and grandpa. Dad made Lana drive.
 Scarred for life? That's what that face says.

The only picture we got of that weekend was of Lana and Suzanna. She was so soft and cute to Lana.

 This girl holds her head up like a champ these days. Literally, for minutes and then she lowers her face into the floor and whimpers until I turn her over. 

Her hair has also grown a bit long for the mohawk she has been sporting since birth, so this is her new style. Classy in the front, party in the back.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012