Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our 1 Bedroom Apartment and Lana Kaye

We moved into a 2 bedroom on July 16th. Lana Kaye is a super star sleeping in her own bedroom every night and sleeps from 10:30pm to 6:30am. It is awesome! 

I know not all of you asked to see our old apartment, but a ton of you did which means this post is about our one bedroom apartment and Lana Kaye, of course. 

You also might notice there are quite a few projects not complete. Ignore them.

Our shared bedroom. Closet to the right.

That door leads to the bathroom.

She is stinking adorable!

(the color is all messed up)
Our entryway leading to the living/dining/ kitchen area.

 Entryway to our bedroom.

Matt's desk in the corner there.

Our kitchen didn't deserve a full shot.

Our bathroom. The whole apartment was remodeled for a person with disabilities. No under-cabinet storage in the kitchen or bathroom, but really wide doorways and rails in case we slip in the tub or while we're on the toilet! 
(They were very helpful while very pregnant)

And then this girl!

Lana's 1st White Sox Gam

Thanks to Matthew's awesome work, we were able to take Lana to her 1st Major League Game (She had 3 weeks of cooking left when we went to the Cubs game). She spent the first 15 minutes sleeping under a shaded blanket in the ridiculous heat and then we moved to some covered seating for the rest of the game. She was a gem the entire time.

She was also more than awesome enough to receive a certificate for her 1st Sox game. 


Friday, July 13, 2012

A Dark Cave

This was our life for a week and a half during that insane heatwave. Even with an AC and fan Lana and I roasted all day and Matthew joined us at night. These pictures are of the last day when it started to cool down a bit. We were able to finally wear clothes (but who really complains about being naked) and open the blinds (seriously never once opened up our blinds the entire week and a half).

I cried a couple of times. Yup. I promise, our apartment was that hot. 

In order to keep Lana from dehydrating, she and I spent most days sitting in our car with the AC on. I would read while she slept then I would feed her and she would go back to sleep while I read. I was so grateful for our car.

 Matthew and I slept in the living room. . .

and Lana slept in the kitchen.

Taste of Chicago

Thursday night we took the bus downtown to have some fun at Taste of Chicago. It is a big festival in Grant Park where tons of Chicago restaurants set up booths and you walk around eating their food. It was Lana's first trip downtown and, aside from the very crowded bus ride with a stroller, it was an awesome night. 

 We are cool parents

Rarely is Lana's tongue not moving and inside her mouth

Buckingham Fountain

This girl smiles on purpose now

Downtown is as awesome as it looks and I wish we lived there

Matt has talked up funnel cakes since before we were married. He was so excited!

These seagulls would try landing on this tent and we would sit and watch them miss and slide town the side of the tent roof as we laughed. You had to be there.