Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Things Lana Does

1. Lana LOVES to read. LOVES IT!

2. Lana smiles bigger than any baby we know

3. She is always moving

(I love finding toys around our house now)

4. She will pull her headband over her eyes and either pull it all the way down to her neck or eventually call out for help

5. She visits the farmers market on Thursday mornings

and always comes home with a muffin from the amazing Hispanic muffin man

6. Lana finally tried out a ponytail. Fun, but not her style.

7. Lana slept through the morning sessions of conference and watched the afternoon sessions (other than that, she does not watch tv)

8. Lana is the most adorable sleeper

Stinkbug anyone

9. Lana is loving her first Halloween

10. Lana goes nuts in her exer-saucer. It is her favorite toy.

And Lana's lucky parents wake up to THIS GIRL every morning.

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