Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Make Ourselves Busy

Have you ever seen a happier or cuter voter? I say, nay.

 This face makes me roll. Lana started this just a couple of days ago.

 Lana lounged while we had the "lighting of the fireplace" with caramel apples. To celebrate this. . .

 Hello Christmas! November 1st and never later.

 Also, this girl as been THIS CLOSE to crawling for the past month. Sooo close!

 This girl still sleeps like a champ when we put her down, but sometimes we still hold her and rock her because she is so special.

 And here are the TEETH!

 The sunset from Lana's bedroom

  Lana and daddy made a pillow fort.

 Grandpa was attacked by a zebra during his visit.

 Happy Halloween!

 A zebra buddy. This girl's mamma and I worked at Nordstrom together, back in the day. Small world.

 One morning this girl found her shadow. . .

 and found it captivating.

And her first time trying solids she gagged a bit, but now she gets it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Things Lana Does

1. Lana LOVES to read. LOVES IT!

2. Lana smiles bigger than any baby we know

3. She is always moving

(I love finding toys around our house now)

4. She will pull her headband over her eyes and either pull it all the way down to her neck or eventually call out for help

5. She visits the farmers market on Thursday mornings

and always comes home with a muffin from the amazing Hispanic muffin man

6. Lana finally tried out a ponytail. Fun, but not her style.

7. Lana slept through the morning sessions of conference and watched the afternoon sessions (other than that, she does not watch tv)

8. Lana is the most adorable sleeper

Stinkbug anyone

9. Lana is loving her first Halloween

10. Lana goes nuts in her exer-saucer. It is her favorite toy.

And Lana's lucky parents wake up to THIS GIRL every morning.

Our plans for next summer

For 2 weeks Matthew interviewed at firms in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, DC, and LA This is where I get to brag. After being interviewed at the 13 different firms he received an internship offer from all 13. That's around %100-ish.

After narrowing our selection down to a firm in Chicago, one in DC and one in Houston we spent many weeks listing the pros and cons of each location and firm. Matthew leaned towards the Houston and Chicago firms while I leaned towards DC as a place.

The Houston firm learned of our debacle and offered a "split" which we accepted. Next summer we will be driving to Houston to work for Latham & Watkins for 6 weeks and then we will drive to DC to work in their DC office for 4 weeks. COMPROMISE! 

So, now that you all know what our plan is for next summer I will show you what Lana and I did for those 2 weeks Matthew was gone.

Grandma and Grandpa Stice flew us home!

Lana met Uncle Paul for the first time

 And loved sleeping in his arms


Kara met Lana for the first time. . . and broke her

And it was the 2 best weeks of this girl's life (and mine).