Friday, July 13, 2012

Taste of Chicago

Thursday night we took the bus downtown to have some fun at Taste of Chicago. It is a big festival in Grant Park where tons of Chicago restaurants set up booths and you walk around eating their food. It was Lana's first trip downtown and, aside from the very crowded bus ride with a stroller, it was an awesome night. 

 We are cool parents

Rarely is Lana's tongue not moving and inside her mouth

Buckingham Fountain

This girl smiles on purpose now

Downtown is as awesome as it looks and I wish we lived there

Matt has talked up funnel cakes since before we were married. He was so excited!

These seagulls would try landing on this tent and we would sit and watch them miss and slide town the side of the tent roof as we laughed. You had to be there.

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  1. Whitty you look so beautiful!! It's insane how much Lana looks like you! P.S. Chicago looks fun. What is this....