Friday, July 13, 2012

A Dark Cave

This was our life for a week and a half during that insane heatwave. Even with an AC and fan Lana and I roasted all day and Matthew joined us at night. These pictures are of the last day when it started to cool down a bit. We were able to finally wear clothes (but who really complains about being naked) and open the blinds (seriously never once opened up our blinds the entire week and a half).

I cried a couple of times. Yup. I promise, our apartment was that hot. 

In order to keep Lana from dehydrating, she and I spent most days sitting in our car with the AC on. I would read while she slept then I would feed her and she would go back to sleep while I read. I was so grateful for our car.

 Matthew and I slept in the living room. . .

and Lana slept in the kitchen.


  1. Oh that stinks!! Your apartment looks super cute! I can't wait for you and Lana to come out!!

  2. Heatwave is going to start up again next week and we have a nicely chilly basement room totally open (Bradley had to double up on pjs) and a 70 degree house for you to come and chill at anytime. Might be a tad more exciting than your car with 4 kids to look and adore your baby. You are welcome to come anytime.