Monday, June 25, 2012

Lana's Baby Blessing

We blessed Lana Kaye in Storm Lake, Iowa at Matthew's parent's branch on Sunday, June 24th. 

Grandma Stice and Cierra searched the valley for Lana's blessing dress and accessories and mailed them to us just in time for her blessing. She looked stinking adorable and Matthew did a wonderful job! We wish we could have all been together, but we were grateful for the family that could make it and we missed everyone who wasn't there.

Mike and Linda - Whitney, Matthew and Lana- Mark, Tiffany, Tate, Bennett, Suzanna and Brady- Sage, Ronald, Sawyer, Tamara, Sicily and Sara

 Mark, Mike, Lana, Matthew and Ronald

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  1. wait, you're already that skinny again? what!!! love and miss you guys!